এইচএসসি ইংরেজি ২য় সাজেশন সকল বোর্ড ২০২২ [১০০% নির্ভুল সমাধান] PDF

HSC English 2nd Suggestion 2022: All HSC students are searching for HSC English 2nd suggestion 2022. But the most reliable HSC Suggestion for English 2nd is here on our website. Suggestions are a very important thing for an examinee. Therefore, all students should prepare for the exam by making separate suggestions for each subject. All HSC English 2nd Suggestions 2022 with updated for 2022.

In Our education system, students of HSC need suggestions for English 2nd 2022. We know that students can do well without suggestions. Simply put, a student is like a lost traveler without suggestions, because the ones that will come to the test are given in the suggestions. And very little is found without suggestions. So the suggestion of HSC English 2nd is here.

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HSC English 2nd Exam Suggestion 2022

English 2nd HSC short suggestion 2022: The suggestion is a thing that if followed a student is likely to get much better results. So the only reason to get good results is to follow the suggestions. Of all the subjects in science, English 2nd is the most difficult. So to get good results in English 2nd you will definitely need suggestions, good results cannot be expected without suggestions. You can find all suggestions for HSC 2022 in this website.

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HSC English 2nd Short Suggestion 2022

We are also going to discuss the HSC English 2nd question for all the students of Englishdesh. All education boards of bd named Dinajpur, Comilla, Barisal, Dhaka, Rajshahi, Chittagong, Sylhet, and Jessore will be satisfied with this HSC 2022 English 2nd suggestion. Suggestions are basically a list of many important questions. It can be the name of an important chapter without being a question.

Those who are examinees do not know where the examination questions will be prepared from or which questions will come up in the examination. That’s why if you want to get good results, you must follow the suggestions.

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If you do a little research, all the students who have done well in the past have followed the suggestions. They further say that if they had not followed the suggestions, they would not have been able to achieve the desired results. So if you want to get good results as a student then you must follow a suggestion.

আমাদেরকে গুগল নিউজে ফলো করতে এইখানে ক্লিক করে স্টার বাটন প্রেস করুন।

HSC English 2nd suggestion 2022

For Question no:-1


1.  Newspaper is the people’s parliament. It contains the news and views (a)_____ what happens (b)_____ the world. The newspaper plays a vital role (c)_____ modern civilization. We must have the habit (d)_____ reading newspaper daily. It helps us (e)_____ acquiring knowledge which is essential (f)_____ our education. Nobody can keep contact (g)_____ the outside world (h)_____ reading newspaper. So, we must have touch (i)_____ the newspaper (j)_____ enriching our knowledge.

2.  A pious man has firm faith (a)____ Allah. He believes (b)_____ the sayings of the holy Prophet (Sm). He is not addicted (c)_____ any evil. Rather he is devoted (d)_____ good deeds. He always thinks (e)_____ others welfare. He is not harmful (f)_____ anyone. He mixes (g)_____ all. He leads his life according (h)_____ the rules of religion. He values religion (i)_____ everything. He is very conscious (j)_____ his duties.

3.  Emperor Shah Jahan (a)_____ Delhi built the Taj Mahal. It is a tomb (b)_____ his wife in Agra. The building is made (c)_____ fine white marble. It rests (d)_____ a platform. Four white towers rise (e)_____ the corners of the terrace. There is a large dome (f)____ the centre. There is an open corridor (g)_____ which visitors can look (h)_____ carved marble screens (i)_____ a central room. The Taj Mahal is surrounded (j)_____ a beautiful garden. There is a long pool in front of the building.

আরো পড়ুনঃ  এইচএসসি হিসাব বিজ্ঞান ২য় পত্র প্রশ্ন সকল বোর্ড ২০২১ [১০০% নির্ভুল সমাধান]

4.  21st February is a red-letter day (a)_____ the history of Bangladesh. (b)_____ this day in 1952 (c)_____ half a dozen young souls sacrificed their lives (d)_____ making Bangla one of the state languages (e)_____ Pakistan. But the blood spilt was not (f)_____ vain. In 1956 the first Constitution (g)_____ Pakistan recognized this demand. This day was observed (h)_____ Shaheed Dibosh in Bangladesh (i)_____ 1999. But now (j)_____ many other international days. 21st February is observed worldwide as the international Mother Language Day.

5.  Jerry was a twelve years old boy who lived (a)_____ the orphanage. The authoress cabin belonged (b)_____ the orphanage. Jerry came (c)_____ the cabin to chop wood (d)_____ the authoress, He also did some extra work (e)_____ the convenience (f)_____ the authoress. Once he found a cubbyhole, where he put some kindling and medium wood so that the writer might get dry materials ready in case (g)_____ sudden wet weather. The authoress was pleased (h)_____ him. When she gave him some candy or apples, he used to keep silent. He expressed his gratitude (i)_____ looking (j)_____ the gift and the authoress.

6.  The Olympic Games were named (a)_____ the town of Olympia (b)_____ Greece. I was (c)_____ Olympia where the games were first held long before the Christian era began. In those days, Greece was divided (d)_____ many cities and men of different cities were involved (e)_____ fighting with one another. A man named Iphitos became concerned (f)_____ such wasteful strife. He hit (g)_____ a plan. He invited the best athletes (h)_____ the nearby cities (i)_____ the valley of Olympia to take part in athletic contests. For a long time, the Greek warriors, instead of fighting their neighbors, tried to outdo their rivals (j)_____ friendly games and sports.

7.  The ship sailed out (a)_____ the icy waters (b)_____ another sea, Day after day, the sailors stayed (c)_____ that silent sea. It was like a painted ship (d)_____ a painted ocean. There was no cloud in the sky to guard them,(e)_____ the burning sun, The other sailors were very angry (f)_____ the old man, They blamed him (g)_____their sufferings. So, they hung the dead Albatross (h)_____ his neck. They were filled (i)____ fear and there was not a breath (j)_____ wind.

8.  (a)_____ Bangladesh, the legal age (b)_____ marriage is 18 (c)_____ girls and 21 for boys. However, 33 percent of adolescent girls are married (d)_____ the age of 15 and 60 percent become mothers (e)_____ the age of 19. Research finds that adolescents (f)_____ higher level of education and (g)_____ more affluent families tend (h)_____ marry at a later age. Boys, however, become ready (i)_____ marriage only (j)_____ several years of adolescence and young adulthood.

9.  Communicative language teaching requires student’s active involvement  (a)_____developing skill, but here it is absent (b)_____ the classroom. The learners want to study (c)_____ the cause (d)_____ examination preparation. The teachers (e)_____ the classroom are also (f)_____ favour (g)_____ it. They talk (h)_____ the examination and teach them how (i)_____ prepare (j)_____ the test. Eventually it cannot help the students acquire language skills.

10.    Love (a)_____ one’s country is known as patriotism. Every man should have a great love (b)_____ his country. Many (c)_____ our freedom fighters sacrificed their lives (d)_____ 1971 (e)_____ the sake (f)_____ our country. Due (g)_____ this noble virtue (h)_____ present, there are some people who are working relentlessly (i)_____ the sake (j)_____ our country because they love our country.

11.    Corruption is a curse (a)_____ a nation. It is a great hindrance (b)_____the development. (c)_____corrupt people, a nation will surely sink (d)_____ oblivion. Corrupt people are hated by all. The common people have no respect (e)_____ them. They are devoid (f)_____ honesty. They stick (g)_____ their evil activities. They do not abide (h)_____ the social rules. Morality does not have any effect (i)_____ them. They bring nothing for the nation. It is high time we stood (j)_____ them.

আরো পড়ুনঃ  এইচএসসি কৃষিশিক্ষা ২য় প্রশ্ন সকল বোর্ড ২০২২ [১০০% নির্ভুল সমাধান]

12.    An honest man is true (a)_____ his word. He does not deviate (b)_____ he path of honesty. He knows that true happiness consists (c)_____ honesty. So he does not fall victim (d)_____ greed. He does not hanker (e)_____ money. An honest man abstains himself (f)______ corruption. He does not associate (g)_____ corrupt people. He derives pleasure (h)______ good activities. He does not aspire (i)_____ wealth and always keeps himself aloof (j)_____ greedy people.

13.    A good student never learns things (a)_____ rote. He is very cautious (b)_____ his studies and always adheres (c)_____ his lessons and texts. He does not learn (d)_____ traditional guide books. He prepares notes (e)_____ taking help (f)_____ his teachers. He abides (g)_____ his teachers’ advice and jot (h)_____ their lectures, He makes the best use (i)_____ his time and concentrate (j)_____ his studies according to his daily routine.

14.    It is known (a)_____ all that one day all will pass away (b)_____ this earth, So, we have no escape (c)_____ death. One day we all will roll down (d)_____ the icy lap of death. Because death is common (e)_____ all. So, we should not mourn (f)_____ the dead. But those who die (g)_____ the country are immortal. Their memories do not sink (h)_____ oblivion. There is no medicine that can save a man (i)_____ death. So. we should always be ready (j)_____ death.

15.    Smoking is a bad habit. The danger of smoking is (a)_____ description. All know that smoking is injurious (b)______ health. People addicted (c)_____ smoking suffer (d)____ many disease. But many people do not abstain (e)______ smoking. They are not careful (f)_____ their health. It is hoped that smokers should give (g)______ smoking. (h)_____ the long run smokers succumb (i)_____ many disease. So, we should campaign (j)_____ smoking.

For Question no:-3

Completing sentence

1.a) She said, “It is high time we___________”
b) I wish I could fly in the sky. If I had the wings of a bird, I__________
c) I don’t know why you go there, most probably,_________
d) But all sorts of attempts to solve food problem will fail unless______________
e) He who follows two hares___________

2.a) A railways station is a place where____________
b) No sooner had he reached the station________________
c) He is satisfied with what_____________
d) The car made in Japan___________
e) He behaved as if______________

3.a) Could you avoid___________?
b) A proverb goes that morning____________
c) Democratic govt. will provide _____________
d) Let us play in the field,_________?
e) The bee is one of the busiest insects. We should follow the _______

4.a) Hardly has he seen his friend____________
b) It is a long time since we___________
c) All of us have to work hard with a view to _______
d) I was too young to______
e) A student has to be punctual. He has to study regularly lest he_______

5.a) Time is very valuable. Those who shone in life_________
b) It is very cold today. You will be sick unless______________
c) Since he behaved badly____________. Actually, he misbehaves towards everybody.
d) This year crops did not grow well because of ________. The price of all necessary things is rising day by day.
e) Hard work leads to success. People who___________

6.a) All of us have to work hard with a view to _________
b) There goes the proverb, “United we stand, divided we fall.” It is high time we__________
c) Death is inevitable. There is nobody who___________
d) There goes a proverb that___________. So, you have to make friendship with a gentleman.
e) I’ve missed the 8 o’clock train. Do you know when________?

7.a) Time is very precious. If we use our time properly, we____________
b) He is very lazy. He will not do well unless___________
c) Success in life depends on the proper use of time. You cannot prosper in life unless__________
d) Our train will start at 5 p.m. It is high time we________
e) I was not there. Had I been there,__________

আরো পড়ুনঃ  এইচএসসি ভূগোল ১ম প্রশ্ন সকল বোর্ড ২০২২ [১০০% নির্ভুল সমাধান]

8.a) Sound pollution is very severe in big cities. If we fail to control sound pollution,____________
b) I don’t have enough money. Had I been a rich man,________
c) Neighbors are those who live adjacent to us. As man cannot live alone_________
d) Once a farmer had a goose which laid a golden egg everyday. He became rich______
e) We should say ‘no’ to corruption because___________

9.a) No sooner had we reached there_____________. The programme was very important for us.
b) Trees are very important for our survival. They supply oxygen without which________
c) A person is known by _________. So, we have to be careful about the people we mix with.
d) He talks too much while doing his work. I don’t like people who________.
e) Pure water is called life. We will not survive unless__________

10.a) I have worked all day long. I am so tired that__________
b) Charity is a great virtue. It inspires us to help the poor. Allah will have mercy on us as long as_______
c) The amount of waste is growing rapidly all over the world and polluting the environment. It is high time________
d) The boy lacks intelligence. He is too dull to___________
e) Yesterday was Rana’s birthday. He did not invite me to his birthday party. If he had invited me,_______

11.a) I get up early in the morning. Then I go out for a walk so that_____________
b) Bangladesh is an agricultural country. As her economy depends on agriculture,____________
c) Amerigo is a small boy living in the street. Since he has no shelter____________
d) Mount Everest is the highest mountain. Climbing the Everest is difficult and dangerous because___________
e) Had we got the invitation,_________

12.a) There is a wise saying that justice delayed ____________
b) He tried heart and soul__________
c) A real teacher loves his students. If I were a teacher,___________
d) She spoke as though _________
e) Despite _________ he could not overcome the hurdle(evav).

13.a)The poem was too difficult_______. The teacher told us to listen to him very carefully.
b)Some students adopt unfair means in the examinations. It is high time_______.
c) If I had a camera,_______. I like photography very much.
d) You take so much food at dinner. You will suffer unless_____.
e) Don’t worry. I will join you after I_______. Then we will play together.

14.a) What is looted,______, do you know it?
b) Load-shedding hampers our normal life. Load-shedding occurs when______
c) The man who is drowning___________
d) Avoid reckless driving lest____________
e) There is a good number of reasons why__________

15.a)     Our freedom fighters were very brave people. They brave people. They have sacrificed their lives so that_____.
b)    The students were listening to the class carefully. When_____ they all shouted together.
c)     A man is known by the_____. Some of your friends are very naughty and speak of your character.
d)    You are very much disrespectful to your elders. Unless you change this behavior, you_____.
e)     He wrote very quickly. He had finished exam before the_____.

16.a)     Yesterday I met my friend Shamim. It was many years since_____.
b)    When I went there, the Principal was not in the office. So, I waited until_____.
c)     Though Mr. Alok is a rich man, he does not help the poor. If I were he,_____.
d)    The glass was found broken. Either Mukul_____.
e)     Physical exercise helps a man to be healthy. So, we should take physical exercise regularly so that_____.

For Question no:-4

Right form of verbs

1.     Patriotism is a very noble virtue. It a)_____ (inspire) a man to do everything just and fair for the well-being and betterment of the country. It (b)______ (be) the quality that impels a man to sacrifice his own interest, comfort, pleasure and even his life for the sake of his country. Patriotic zeal c)_____ (make) a man dutiful, energetic and enthusiastic, He d)_____ (obey) the laws pays taxes and e)_____ (think) for the country. Patriotism f)_____ (teach) an man fellow- feeling, fraternity and love and sympathy for the countrymen. A patriot is also g)_____ (praise) and h)_____ (honour) by his countrymen. An unpatriotic man, on the other hand, is an ignoble person. He is self-centred. He i)_____ (engage) all his time in achieving his mean end. He j)_____ (cause) harm to the country by his unyielding and reckless activities.

আরো পড়ুনঃ  এইচএসসি ফিন্যান্স ব্যাংকিং ও বিমা ১ম পত্র প্রশ্ন কুমিল্লা বোর্ড ২০২১

2.     Since people a)_____ (not, prevent) earthquake from b)_____ (occur) policies, guidelines and plans must c)_____ (develop) in such a way that it d)_____ (ensure) the most effective response to the natural disasters. Earthquakes e)_____ (threaten) as they f)_____ (strike) with little to no warning. Adequate precautions can be taken (g)_____ (minimized) losses, Earthquake resistant building code h)_____ (develop) that should i)_____ (follow) and it (j)_____ (be) mandatory.

3.     A freedom fighter is a)_____ (honour) in all lands and in all times, because he (b)_____ (fight) for a noble cause which is the freedom of the motherland. Freedom is the birthright of man but sometimes this right c)_____ (deny) to a nation by foreign ruler. As a result, armed conflict d)_____ (take) place between the freedom-loving people and the occupation forces. Sometimes, the war e)_____ (continue) for years and if the people f)_____ (unite) and g)_____ (determine), then the  freedom fighters h)_____ (win). Our country achieved independence against the Pakistan occupation forces in 1971. In this great war, the Bengali members of the armed forces, the students and the people from all walks of life took part. They i)_____ (fight) for long nine months and j)______ (defeat) the well-trained Pakistani force.

4.     Last week, we a)_____ (go) to Bagerhat with my friend and (b)_____ (have) the opportunity to see the `Shatgombuj Mosque` which c)_____ (be) one of the most famous architectural beauties of Bangladesh. The mosque d)_____ (build) by Khan Jahan Ali in 1440. It e)______ (stand) on sixty pillars with its seventy-seven domes and not shat or sixty as the name f)_____ (suggest). Its walls g)_____ (be) two metres thick and the interior Western wall (h)_____ (decorate) with terracotta flowers and foliage. There i)_____ (be) also a` dighi` by the side of the mosque. It j)_____ (say) that a horse was made to run before digging the `dighi`.

5.     Parents and children a)_____ (constitute) a family. They b)_____ (connect) with one another by blood, love and affection. The children c)_____ (live) through the days of infancy without the loving care of their parents. It is the parents who d)_____ (bring) them up, nourish them, nurse then in sickness, give their proper educational help to get e)_____ (settle) in life. Parents have to f)_____ (discharge) their duties so that children g)_____ (can) prosper . But children have certain duties to h)_____ (perform) by them for i)_____ (attain) prosperity,. They must j)_____ (obey) their parents.

6.     Today women are a)_____ (play) important roles in all spheres of life. They are no longer b)_____ (confine) within the four walls of their parents or their husbands house. They have come out of their kitchens and c)_____ (work) hand in hand with men in all the development programmes of the government. By d)_____ (receive) higher education, they are e)_____ (become) pilots, doctors, engineers, teachers, administrators etc. Their worth f)_____ (have) already g)_____ (prove) by them. They are h)_____ (contribute) much to the economy of the country. Now, it has come to the realization of the men that true development of the country i)_____ (be) never possible j)_____ (keep) half of the population idle.

7.     English is now a)_____ (use) as a common language for global communication. It b)_____ (recognize) as an international language. We can’t help c)_____ (rely) on English in or communication with the rest of the world. English is important d)______ (maintain) our communication with our development partners. A good command of English as well as regular practices e)_____ (be) essential for good communication. We f)______ (provide) with the scope of enjoying the best books of the world through English. 80% information of all the computers g)_____ (be) in English. With a view to h)_____ (acquaint) with the latest technology, we must know English. Now, English i)_____ (belong) to the British or Americans but a language that j)_____ (belong) to the world’s people.

আরো পড়ুনঃ  এইচএসসি ভূগোল ১ম প্রশ্ন সমাধান দিনাজপুর বোর্ড ২০২২ [১০০% নির্ভুল সমাধান]

8.     It is high time we a)_____ (use) our brain about the curse of dowry. The issues of dowry b)_____ (have) be considered in view of country’s socio-economic, cultural, political circumstances. United efforts c)_____ (require) to put an end to violence against women. A specific framework must be d)_____ (draw) up to be e)______ (implement). Anyway, we can hope that dowry f)_____ (come) to an  end in the time to come. We dare to g)_____ (hope) so because our girls are being h)_____ (educate) day by day. Parents mentality i)____ (change) gradually . People j)______ (be) more conscious.

9.     There are many reasons for which many students in our country a)_____ (fail) in English. That English is a foreign language is the main reason. English is as if it b)_____ (be) a language c)_____ (mean) for a particular class of people. It d)_____ (regard) as a sheer wastage of time. They e)_____ (begin) to cram English as though they f)_____ (consider) cramming is the only way to learn English. But g)_____ (have) they been earnest in learning English, they h)_____ (learn) it easily. Moreover, they are not i)_____ (motivate) properly. In addition, the text books j)_____ (not write) according to the need of learners.

10.          Bookish knowledge a)_____ (become) useless when one b)_____ (not, apply) it in the real life. In our practical life, we c)_____ (mix) with different types of people and we get d)_____ (enrich) by learning from their way of  living, manners and other things. If  we e)_____ (keep) our eyes and ears (f)_____ open, we can learn good things of life. The outside world g)_____ (give) us a side scope of h)_____ (know) different  people and their culture. The things (i)_____ (receive) at schools and colleges are important but what we j)_____ (learn) from our practical life is precious.

11.          Today, we a)_____  (be) free nation We b)_____ (have) to take great pains to take freedom. Our war of Liberation c)_____ (take) place in 1971. People of all walks of life d)_____ (come) forward and got e)_____ (involve) in the war directly or indirectly. Many a man f)______ (kill) in the battlefield. They g)_____ (flee) from the battlefield h)_____ (show) their backs. Rather all of them i)_____ (contribute) much to j)_____ (achieve) independence.

12.          Most of the students of our country a)_____ (be) experts in b)_____ (memorize) answers. They c)_____ (prepare) notes themselves. They get them d)_____ (prepare) by their tutors. Their tutors exercise their brain for the students. So, the e)_____ (think) power of the students f)_____ (develop). They g)_____ (have) any command of the language. They of course. h)_____ (do) well in the examination. But for this, they can i)_____ (claim) no credit of their own. This result j)____ (help) them in their later life.

13.          Ours a)_____ (be) one of the developing countries of the world but it b)_____ (to have) a vast population. Population of a country c)_____ (count) either an asset or a curse and the matter d)_____ (depend) on the quantity of resource the country e)_____ (possess). where the population f)_____ (be) more than the resource, the population g)_____ (regard) as curse but where the resource is more than the population, the population h)_____ (become) an asset. According to this reality, we are obviously in the curse and i)_____ (pass) through a crucial moment. It is high time we j)____ (control) our population. Otherwise, we must face a terrible situation.

আরো পড়ুনঃ  এইচএসসি বাংলা ১ম প্রশ্ন সকল বোর্ড ২০২২ [১০০% নির্ভুল সমাধান]

14.          Physical exercise a)_____ (play) a vital role to us . Without b)_____ (take) physical exercise regularly, our body c)_____ (get) rusty. So, to d)_____ (ensure) a sound mind, we should take proper exercise. If we e)_____ (to be) not conscious of our body, our mind not f)_____ (remain) sound. At the same time, we must not forget that excessive exercise g)_____ (make) us sick. Early h)____ (rise) is good for health, i)_____ (walk) in the morning and in the evening j)_____ (to be) beneficial to us. To be fit, we must take care of our health.

15.          Courtesy is a virtue in man. It goes without a)_____ (say) that courtesy costs nothing but b)_____ (give) a lot. So you c)_____ (be) courteous. That is you d)_____ (have) politeness. People e)_____ (disrespect) and dislike you if you are discourteous. Nobody likes discourtesy. Try to be gentle from your student life. You f)_____ (win) the heart of your enemy by g)_____ (be) courteous, You h)_____ (ensure) the removal of hatred and anger by i)_____ (embrace) you enemy. Courtesy j)_____ (remove) the bitter relationship and improve mutual understanding.

For Question no:-5


1.     “Good Morning,” said the tourist, “Do you have any room vacant?”

“Yes sir, double or single?” “I want a single room.”

The receptionist said, “We have a single room on the second floor. Will that serve your purpose?”

“Fine, thank you.”

2.     “My sons,” said the old man, “A great treasure lies hidden in the estate I am about to leave you.” “Where is it hidden?” said the sons. “I am about to tell you,” said he. “But you must dig for it.” “Sure, we will”

3.     “What’s your dream? Do you have any dream?” said Zayed. Robi said tenderly, “Yes, I have a dream. My dream is a full plate of rive”. “Come with me” said Zayed holding  his hand. “I’ll try my best to become regular from now.”

4.     “Where is my son?” said the grocer. “A crow carried your son away,” said the fruit seller. “You liar. How can a crow carry away such a big boy?” “Just the same way as mice can eat away the balance and weights,” said the fruit seller.

5.     “Good morning, Swapna”, said Ripon, “How much preparation have you taken for Test Exam?” “A great preparation”, replied she. “I can stand first”. “Wah, what a lucky girl! said Ripon, “But my preparation is not very nice.”

6.     “Oh, my Lord, please do not kill the child,” said the woman. “Let her have him.” The king said, “Now everything is clear to me.” Pointing to the woman, he said to the servant, “Give her the child. She is the mother of the baby.”

7.     The giant looked at the fisherman and said. “Speak to me more politely or I’ll kill you.” “Why should you kill me?” asked the fisherman. “I’ve just freed you. Have you forgotten that?” “No, answered the giant, “But that’ll not stop me from killing you?”

8.     “How can I help you?” said the police officer. “Last night while I was going home by a baby taxi, two snatchers suddenly rode into my baby taxi,” said Srijon. “Did they take anything from you?” “Yes they snatched away my cell-phone and two thousand taka.” “Let me record you complaint.” “Thank you very much.”

9.     “I’ll pay for it,” he said. “I broke it. I brought the exe down careless.” “But no one hits accurately every time, Jerry. Moreover, the fault was in the wood of the handle. I’ll see the man who I have bought it from,” I told him.

আরো পড়ুনঃ  এইচএসসি ভূগোল ২য় প্রশ্ন সমাধান যশোর বোর্ড ২০২২ [১০০% নির্ভুল সমাধান]

10.         “Will you buy my hair?” asked Della. “I buy hair,” said Madame. “Take your hat off and let’s have a sight at the looks of it.” “Twenty dollars,” said Madame. “Give it to me quick,” said Della.

11.          “Have you seen your mother, Jerry?” “I see her every summer. She sends for me.” “I wanted to cry out.” “Why are you not with her? How can she let you go away again?” He said, “She comes up here from Mannville whenever she can. She does not have a job now.

12.          “May I come in, sir?” A boy standing at the door said to him. Then without waiting for his reply the boy entered the room and said, “Sir, I have come from Palashpur with a letter from Mr. Ajit Bose.” “Ajit Bose? How is he?” he said smiling. “He is not well. He has been suffering from a serious illness for two years,” the boy said. “How sad it is! May god cure him,” he said.

[Change the narrative style by suing direct speeches]

13.          The teacher asked the student why he (s) didn’t attend classes regularly and said that he (s) couldn’t expect good results unless he (s) attended class as he (t) told him. The student respectfully replied/answered that he (s) was sorry as he had offended him (t)

14.          My friend asked me why I was sitting alone in my room at that hour. He also asked me whether I didn’t see the sky had been clear. After that he proposed to me that we should go out for a walk in the open-field. But I angrily told him to leave me alone.

15.          Looking at me angrily, my father asked me where I had been so long and why I was wasting my time. After a moment, he asked me if I would not appear at the final examination. I said that I had gone to my friend’s house to borrow an essential book but he had not been at home. I added that I had to wait for him for that reason.

For Question no:-6



Time and tide wait for none. (a) ¾ no one can stop the onward march of time. (b) ¾ we should not waste a single moment in vain. (c) ¾ we should make proper use of every single moment in our life. (d) ¾, the students should understand the value of time. It is a matter of great regret that some of the students pass away their valuable time in Facebook. (e) ¾, they kill their time foolishly. (f) ¾, they cannot prepare their lessons well. (g) ¾, they always have a poor preparation for the examination. (h) ¾, they cannot do well in the examination. (i) ¾, they do not stop wasting time. (j) ¾, they continue to waste time using Cell phone and Facebook till it is too late for them.


 We should always keep in mind (a) ___ All kinds of physical exercise are not suitable for all. (b)___ different people have different capacities. (c)___, harder exercise (d) ___wrestling and gymnastics are suitable for young people (e)___ have energy to perform them. (f)___ walking, jogging and free hand exercise are best for the old people. Over exercise never does good (g) ___ breaks down the health. (h)___, we should always take (i) ___ exercise as would suit us. Physical exercise is important for the preservation of good health. It (j) ___builds our character.


 Once there lived an ant and a grasshopper. The ant was very industrious. a) ____, the grasshopper was very lazy. b) ____, used to pass away his time in singing and sleeping. He did not work at all. c) ____, he used to go before the ant and ask him to take some rest. d) ____ the ant continued with his work. e) ____, he collected a huge amount of food. f) ____, the winter came and covered everything with snow. g) ____ there was no food available on the fields. The grasshopper could not take food from the fields. h) ____, he did not have any food in his house. i) ____, he went to the ant to beg for some food. The ant helped him but that was too small for him to pass the winter. j) _____, the grasshopper understood the necessity of work.

আরো পড়ুনঃ  এসএসসি উচ্চতর গণিত প্রশ্ন সমাধান বরিশাল বোর্ড ২০২২ [১০০% নির্ভুল সমাধান]


Mobile phone has added a new dimension in our communication system. It has made the world closer to us. a) ____ it has made worldwide communication easier. We use it for our day-to-day communication. b) ____, it has been part and parcel in our life as we cannot go for a single day without using it. We use it for rapid communication. c) ____, mobile phone is not free from defect. It has some negative sides as well. d) _____, excessive use of mobile phone may damage our hearing power. e) ____, it is a means of money wastage. f) ____, it is seen that many underworld crimes are being done with the use of mobile network. g) ____, the radiation from mobile phone may cause cancer to the users. h) ____, we are aware of these harmful effects. i) ____, we are not aware of using the mobile phone. j) ____, we must have to be conscious of the negative impact of mobile phone.


Water is a vital element of the environment a) ____ this element is polluted in many ways. b) ____, farmers use chemical fertilizers and insecticides in their field. c) ____ rain and flood wash away these chemicals, they get mixed with water in rivers, canals and ponds d) ____ pollute it. e) ____, mills and factories throw their poisonous chemicals and waste product into water. f) ___, water vehicles also pollute water by dumping food waste and human waste into it. g) ____ insanitary latrines and unsafe drains also contribute to water pollution. Water is called life. h) ____ we cannot allow this pollution to continue. We have to raise awareness about it. i) ____, laws should be enforced strictly. j) ____ we fail to check water pollution, we will suffer.


Honesty is a noble virtue. The man a) ____ possesses this rare quality is the happiest man on earth. To be honest, a man should have trustworthiness b) ____ nobody trusts a liar. A liar may prosper for the time being. c) ___ ultimately he goes to the dogs. d) _____ we should be honest. It is said that honesty is the best policy e) ____ dishonesty is the sign of downfall. God helps those who are honest. f) ____ dishonest people are cursed. Childhood is the best time g) ____ children should be taught honesty. It is seen that children follow their parents h) ____ parents should be honest. i) ____ children should be allowed to mix with those friends who are honest. j) ____ they can mould their characters.


‘Look before you leap’. The proverb has deep meaning a) _____ is always useful for a successful life. It conveys the idea b) _____ we should always think before we act. Life is full of various factors, the factors which can fascinate us for the moment e) _____ may lead us to failure f) _____ the factors which can repel immediately but may be the stepping stones to success. g) _____, going to a movie or playing video games may seem an attractive thing for the time being but can, h) _____ not only disturb one’s studies but also injure our eyes. i) _____, we should always restrain our intuitive and impulsive disires and then act according to j) _____ our mind says is right.

আরো পড়ুনঃ  এইচএসসি ইংরেজি ২য় প্রশ্ন সমাধান ময়মনসিংহ বোর্ড ২০২২ [১০০% নির্ভুল সমাধান]


Once a crow became thirsty a) _____ it was a very hot summer day. b) _____ it flew from one place to another in search of water, c) ____ it noticed a jar in a garden. f) ___ it flew to the jar. There was some water in the jar. g) ____, it was at the bottom and out of its reach. h) _____, it did not lose hope. It noticed a heap of pebbles nearby. i) _____ it dropped the pebbles into the jar one by one. j) _____, the water came to the mouth of the jar and the crow drank to its fill.


Happiness lies in the mind of a man (a) ¾ beauty lies in the eyes of a beholder. (b) ¾, we can say (c) ¾ happiness comprises a state of mind. A poor man can be happy with one lakh taka (d) ¾ it has no importance for a millionaire. (e) ¾ the source of happiness lies in us. (f) ¾ we do good work (g) ¾ gives happiness to others, our own happiness also increases by leaps and bounds. One way of doing this is to find out and go out to those (h) ¾ may be in need of our help. The highest form of happiness is derived when we help others (i) ¾ make them happy. (j) ¾ in every religion great importance is put on the service of mankind.  


A student should prepare himself to face the problems a) ____ lie before him. He is b) ____ an individual c) _____ a member of the community too. He should try to equip himself fully d) _____ in future he can be able to discharge his duties as an individual e) ____ as a member of the community to f) ____ he belongs. g) _____ he wastes his time in h) _____ activities i) ____ agitational politics, his future, will be doomed. The students should not forget that their main duty is to study. j) ____, it is their first and foremost duty also.


Most of our students cannot write their examination paper fairly well. a) ____ they cannot understand the questions properly, they often beat about the bush. It is because they learn their lessons by role and b) ____, fail to answer the questions properly. c) ____, they cram their answers with irrelevant and unnecessary details, d) ____ their teachers suggest that their answers should be brief e) ____ precise. They often lengthen these unnecessarily f) ____ they may get good marks. g) ____, they are mistaken. h) _____ get expected marks, i) ____, you should understand the questions well and j) ____ answer them to the point.


Scientists have recently reported a) ____ the polar ice caps are melting. This is b) ____ a rise in atmospheric temperature known c) ____ the “Greenhouse Effect”. According to Melvin, d) _____ won Nobel Prize for earlier research, the C  gas is given off e) ____ coal and oil are burnt. This gas accumulated in the north f) ____ south poles is melting g) ____ may h) ____ lead to a rise in sea levels i) ____ cause flood in many areas of the world. j) _____ we fake measures to stop the ice melting, it may take years to control the rise in sea levels.


Nelson Mandela was the greatest leader of South Africa. a) ____, he was one of the greatest leaders of the world. All his life he struggled against apartheid. The Europeans were separated from the non-Europeans b) ____ it was the government policy of racial segregation. c) _____, the blacks were treated cruelly. d) ____, they were denied all basic human rights. e) _____, the blacks were subjected to all sorts of indignities. f) ____ dogs received a much better treatment than the blacks. g) ____, they were aliens in their own country. h) ____, the great leader vowed to put an end to the inhuman practice. He was thrown behind the prison bars. i) ____, the oppressive rules could not break his spirit. j) _____, the great leader realized the goal of liberating his own people.

আরো পড়ুনঃ  এইচএসসি ইতিহাস ২য় প্রশ্ন সকল বোর্ড ২০২২ [১০০% নির্ভুল সমাধান]


‘Globalization’ has become a buzzword in the new era of international relations. a) ____, it is a process of expanding trade and commerce all over the world by creating a borderless market. b) ____, it has had a far-reaching effect on many aspects of life. In the present world, there is a significant development in the field of communication. c) ____, the world has come closer. d) ____, we can now learn in an instant what is happening in the farthest corner of the world. e) _____, we can travel to any country in the shortest possible time. f) _____ countries of the world are like families in a village. g) ____ they can even share their joys and sorrows like next door neighbours. h) ____, if one country is in distress, others can immediately come to its assistance. i) _____, we can build up an atmosphere of mutual understanding and co-operation through this globalization process. j) ____, our world will certainly be a better place to live in.


There is a wise saying “early to bed and early to rise; makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.” a) _____,  a person who gets up early in the morning enjoys several benefits. b) ____, he can walk in the morning. It is a simple exercise, c) ____ it is very beneficial for both our physical and mental health. d) ____, he can enjoy the fresh air of the morning. e) ____, morning walk is free from noise and pollution. f) ____, it also provides us with a unique opportunity to enjoy the beauty of nature in the cool and calm atmosphere. g) ____, an early riser can offer his Fazar prayer, h) ____, he can get extra time to work which makes him wise. j) _____, we should develop this habit of getting up early in the morning.

Hsc English 2nd Paper Writing Part Suggestion 2022

Formal Letters (Q-13)

a) To the Principal:

To provide sound-system for large class room
For common room facilities
For permission to go on a study tour and financial help
For setting up a debating club/computer club/science club/literary club
For permission to stage a drama
For library facilities
For testimonial/transfer certificate

b) To D.C./U.N.O./Chairman:

To repair a road/to provide street-light/for a bridge
To open a relief camp/to provide relief goods for flood affected people

c) Job Application/CV:

For the post of Accountant/Junior Officer/Librarian/English Teacher/Chief Executive Officer

Report Writing (Q-14)

On the cultural week/the prize giving ceremony/fresher reception of your college
On the celebration of victory day/Pahela Baishakh/international mother language day
On a horrible road-accident/massive fire in a factory/an earth quake
On a local book-fair/village fair
On the consequences of drug-addiction
On the rising of prices of essential commodities
On load-shedding/traffic jam/Hartal

HSC English Second Paper Suggestion 2022

Paragraphs (Q-15):

Garment Industries in Bangladesh.
A street Accident.
International Mother Language Day.
The Victory Day
Environmental Pollution (Water/Air/Sound)
Climate Change/Green House Effect
Dowry System/Gender Discrimination
Traffic Jam/Load Shedding
Drug Addiction/Smoking
The Curse of Early Marriage
Eve-Teasing/Acid Throwing
Your College Library
A College Magazine
Your Visit to a Special Place (Book Fair/Trade Fair/Historical Place).
Physical Exercise
Computer/Mobile Phone/Internet
Importance of learning English

Compositions (Q-16):

Female Education
Impact of Deforestation
The Season you like most
Population Problem in Bangladesh
Wonders of Modern Science
Natural Calamities of Bangladesh
Your Childhood Memories
Modern Technology and Globalization
Corruption is a Curse.
Your Visit to a Historical Place/Your Recent Journey.
Importance of Reading Newspaper
Unemployment Problem in Bangladesh
Use and Abuse of Satellite Channels
Dangers of Drug Addiction
Digital Bangladesh

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