Starting bkash Business Dashboard

Mobile phone financial services company Bikash has launched ‘Business Dashboard’ to facilitate transactions between online-based small and medium entrepreneurs and customers. With this new service, online-based small entrepreneurs will be able to easily collect payments from customers.

With your bKash Merchant Account you can use bKash Business Dashboard free of charge

Advantages of the Development Business Dashboard

The launch of the bKash Business Dashboard will benefit both the customer and the merchant. The main advantages are

  • Hassle-free payment facility
  • Share payment links via messaging platform, SMS or email
  • Customers will be able to make payments from any device using their development number
  • The merchant can view the information of each successful payment on the dashboard
  • Take payment online using bKash payment link

What does it take to start a bKash Business Dashboard?

Here’s what you need to do to get started with the bKash Business Dashboard

  • Active bKash Merchant Number or bKash Personal Retail Account
  • Active email account

Launch of the Development Business Dashboard

Step 1: If you want to start using bKash Business Dashboard, first you need to sign up on bKash Business website. Click here to sign up (https://business.bkash.com/sign-up).

Step 2: After coming to this page with your bKash Merchant Number in the Terms box tick mark go ahead and click in the box.

আমাদেরকে গুগল নিউজে ফলো করতে এইখানে ক্লিক করে স্টার বাটন প্রেস করুন।

ধাপ ৩ঃ In this step your mobile will send 8 digit OTP. Which you have to give on this page.

ধাপ ৪ঃ In this step you have to give your email address.

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ধাপ ৫ঃ In this step an activation link will be sent to your email address which you have to click to request for activation of your account and activation of Web API.

ধাপ ০৬ঃ In this step you will have to wait for your data to be sorted out and to create your Development Business Dashboard and Create Erb Site API. After that the password for login will be sent to your email address within 48 hours.

Ok, now it has been created in your Development Business Dashboard. This time you can login.

Login method in bKash Business Dashboard

From the bKash “bKash Business Dashboard” web site you can login using only the merchant number and the password given to your email from bKash. Users will be able to change this password later if they wish. Click here to login (https://business.bkash.com/sign-in).

How to use the Development Business Dashboard

How to use bKash Business Dashboard will be explained later on this web site.

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